Meet Cameron and Zach

Meet Cameron (left) and Zach (right). Both gentlemen were born and raised in Delaware, and they are both employed through AbilityOne contracts with ServiceSource.

Cameron: I’ve been working for SS for 14 years. I started in the warehouse [at the regional office] and ended up going over to the Carvel State Building in 2007. I run the custodial crew at the Carvel Building.

Zach: I’ve been with ServiceSource for 7 years. I used to work in the warehouse too back in 2010. I’ve been at the Carvel Sate Building since 2013. I love my job there.

What is the Carvel Building?
Cameron: It’s the governors’ building. It’s named after the Governor from years ago.

What do you do at the Carvel Building?
Cameron: We pretty much do all the housekeeping: trash moving, recycling, dusting, vacuuming. We run 12 floors in that building. Judges, governors, lawyers, everybody, they’re all there – everybody you can name.

Zach: I like the job itself, but my customers turn into my friends, so that would have to be the best part, the people who work in the building with me
Cameron: That makes the job better too. Like when birthdays come around, we get a card, a gift card here and there. They look out for us on the holidays.


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