Youth Transition Services

Youth Transition Services

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FrameWORK for Success

FrameWORK for Success enables high school students with disabilities to learn unique skills that are of value to employers. ServiceSource Delaware works collaboratively with school districts and local businesses to provide opportunities for students to learn vocational skills, explore community-based employment and complete paid and unpaid internships, to make informed decisions about future career goals.

Students also participate in comprehensive job readiness training and employment planning services, which includes: job seeking training, resume development, how to manage employer expectations and more. The FrameWORK for Success program supports planning after high school by also determining if post-secondary education will be beneficial, or if the student should pursue employment right out of high school.

Virtual Services 

Students are offered a hybrid of virtual learning experiences as well as community work assessments if comfortable. All community experiences are currently optional.

Eligibility and Exit Criteria 

Students must be at least 16 years of age and referred by a participating school district. There is no transition between services, which continue until participants achieve their objectives or services are interrupted. If there are any changes in the funding of services, ServiceSource Delaware will work with referral sources and other community organizations to resolve any issues.


FrameWORK for Success operates Monday through Friday, according to school district transportation arrangements. The days the program will be closed depend on school district and ServiceSource Delaware schedules. Staff will inform students when the program is closed.

  • Students attend from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • When ServiceSource Delaware is open and the school is closed, participants are encouraged to report to ServiceSource Delaware.

For more information on the FrameWORK for Success program, contact 302-762-0300.

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Pre-ETS and Paid Internships for Students

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) is a a program designed to provide in-school youth with disabilities industry-based career exploration.


Are you a student interested in learning more about different career fields, participating in employment-related activities with your peers, and trying out different jobs? Our Pre-ETS program in Virginia offers students with disabilities the opportunity to explore careers and participate in work experiences while they are still in school.


  • Students with disabilities ages 16 to 22
  • Students connected to DARS and are eligible for Pre-ETS with ServiceSource.

Students with disabilities who are ages 14-15 are also eligible for Pre-ETS through DARS.

Services Offered 

  • Finding Your Future Part I – A group in which students explore different careers, participate in activities that build soft skills and prepare them for the world of work, practice their self-advocacy skills, learn more about postsecondary education and training options, and meet with employers to find out more about fields of interest.
  • Finding Your Future Part II – Students a deeper look into some of the topics covered in Part I during this group. Activities include creating an elevator speech, completing a draft resume, and answering common interview questions through role plays.
  • Work-Based Learning experiences – Short term experiences that include informational interviews, tours, and shadowing at local businesses of interest to the student.
  • Work Experiences – Students gain real world work experience through jobs and internships at local business of interest lasting 3-8 weeks. Skills trainers provide services to help the student learn tasks and succeed in the position.

What have others said about ServiceSource’s Pre-ETS services?

  • “My daughter is so thoroughly enjoying the Pre-ETS class! I’m sitting outside the classroom and her seat is near the door so I can hear her every once in a while. She’s participating and has made a friend.” – Mother
  • “I thought this class would be boring, but it has actually been a lot of fun.” – Pre-ETS Student
  • “I LOVE these lessons and activities. I have been getting feedback from the teachers and they find the lessons and activities to be very valuable.” – School Employment and Transition Representative (ERT)

How to access services 

  • Contact your DARS counselor and tell them you are interested in Pre-ETS services.
  • Not sure how to connect with DARS? Contact ServiceSource’s Employment Transition Specialist at 703-223-9331.


Sponsored by the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, both of our programs include individual (1:1) sessions tailored to each student and guest appearances from professionals working in various employment fields to share insight and lessons learned. Our staff also use entertaining examples of work as seen on TV and popular movies to explore work communication and behaviors of success employees.

Community-Based Pre-ETS

Our Community-Based Pre-ETS services invite eligible students to apply for a 4-week work experience in hospitality or retail.  Students will be paid during the program for their work.  Pre-ETS also includes 12-15 hours of practicing social skills needed in the workplace and includes individualized financial coaching.

Students interested in hospitality will work in the following areas of a local hotel:

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance (including Laundry)
  • Kitchen Utility supporting food preparation and clean-up
  • Banquet logistics including setting-up and breaking-down events
  • Landscaping

Students interested in retail will intern at opportunities available at Walgreens or Marshalls Department Store and will:

  • Stock and organize shelves
  • Provide customer service
  • Assist as cash register
  • Support merchandising (including organizing, replacing price tags, removing out of day inventory and receiving product)
  • Support “back room”, fitting rooms, etc., if applicable
  • Monitoring store displays

Eligibility Requirements

  • 16 – 21 years old
  • Enrolled in school
  • Interested in exploring Hospitality or Retail career
Virtual Pre-ETS

Our Virtual Pre-ETS services invite eligible students to experience 6 weeks (or 18 hours) of virtual work experience. In addition, group sessions for students will be held twice per week for 1-hour. Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conferencing must be assessible by phone, laptop or tablet.

Pre-ETS topics include:

  • Interview Prep & Skills
  • Work Exploration
  • Workplace Training
  • Career Exploration, including O*Net review
  • Time Management
  • Requesting Accommodations and Disclosing Disability
  • Financial Coaching (Budgeting, Benefits, Credit, Opening Bank Accounts, etc)

Eligibility Requirements

  • 16 – 21 years old
  • Enrolled in traditional or home school setting
  • Interested in exploring “World of Work”
For more information on our Pre-ETS program in Delaware, contact 302-762-0300.
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High School/High Tech (HS/HT)

HSHT is a community-based partnership that provides high school students with all types of disabilities, ages 14-22, the opportunity to explore jobs and post-secondary education while still in high school. Located in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, HSHT partners with local high schools, employers and businesses to provide access to guest speakers, workshops, specific skill training, and paid summer internships. Focusing on the transition from high school to work, or post-secondary schools, the ServiceSource HSHT programs have a 100% high school graduation rate. Students report an increase in self-esteem, understanding of the skills needed to be successful in the workforce, and have a job or career goal.

Florida High School High Tech is part of the national HSHT initiative, supported by the US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). It is funded in Florida by The Able Trust, a nonprofit foundation providing employment support for Floridians with disabilities and supported by the Florida Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

For more information contact 727-600-8920.

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