Homes for Independence

Homes for Independence, Inc. was formed in 1995 as the housing division of ServiceSource. The program’s primary focus is to provide affordable, accessible and safe housing for persons with low incomes and/or disabilities. Inclusion is the cornerstone of all our housing programs—integration into established condominium communities with easy access to shopping and transportation.
The program serves individuals with disabilities and their family members through affordable rentals in Pinellas, Polk and Brevard Counties in Florida, and Cumberland County, North Carolina. Rental units are scattered throughout 31 different condominium complexes.

Contact information:

Director of Housing          (727) 538-7370, ext. 8922
Occupancy Manager          (727) 538-7370, ext. 8905
Occupancy Specialist          (727) 538-7370, ext. 8932
Rental & Property Manager in Brevard County, Florida          (321) 632-4542
Rental contacts for Pinellas, Polk Counties in Florida          (800) 259-5709, ext. 8932
North Carolina Housing Contact          (910) 826-4699

Duval Park

Introducing Duval Park – A community for Veterans with Disabilities and Their Families. Learn more at www.duvalpark.com.

Applicants with Physical Disabilities

Application for Housing Admission and Rental Assistanceapplication_for_housing_admission_and_rental_assistance

Verification of Disability HUD form 90102application_for_housing_admission_and_rental_assistance

Tenant Selection Criteria Formtenant_selection_criteria_form_-_abilities


Applicants with Low Income

Homes for Independence Rental Applicationhfi_rental_application

Tenant Selection Criteria Formtenant_selection_criteria_hfi

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