ServiceSource Florida Expands Vocational Rehabilitation Program to Serve New Hampshire

As state vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs nationwide face staffing challenges and difficulties supporting underserved areas, ServiceSource Florida is replicating a unique public/private partnership model to support the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (NHVR). Launched in January 2024, ServiceSource partners with the state to deliver vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities seeking employment via a virtual vocational rehabilitation office located in Florida. The partnership enables NHVR to expand service capacity and maintain a high standard of care while meeting federal guidelines.

For over 20 years, ServiceSource Florida has worked with the Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (FLDVR) through a unique public/private partnership model to help individuals with disabilities find or maintain employment. The support of ServiceSource Florida enables FLDVR to serve individuals in 16 current state offices in 20 counties across the state.

“I am excited about the ServiceSource venture with New Hampshire and hope to see more creative ideas like this supporting VR agencies in other states,” says ServiceSource Florida Vice President of Operations for VR Services Tina Herzik.

The ServiceSource Florida virtual office, comprised of seven staff and a supervisor, supports NHVR participants with eligibility determinations, comprehensive assessments, and service plans.

“Lots of work went into perfecting our partnership model with the state of Florida, and we are thrilled to see its impact at scale,” adds ServiceSource Florida VR Supervisor Ashley Harper. In her 10 years with ServiceSource Florida, Ashley has played a pivotal role in expanding the FLDVR contract to other parts of the state.

ServiceSource is excited about the adoption of the innovative public/private partnership model developed with Florida to expand access to VR services in New Hampshire. The ServiceSource Florida team stands ready to replicate the public/private partnership model to ensure states can continue to provide vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities despite VR staffing shortages.

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