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Before Robbie joined the FinanceABILITY program at ServiceSource in June 2016, he was living at home with his parents, and his only income came from Social Security Income (SSI) benefits. Robbie was determined to get a full-time job so he could make more money and live in his own apartment.

With help from ServiceSource Delaware’s Certified Financial and Benefits Coach Maria Luna-Medina, Robbie set three main goals: get a job, get off SSI benefits, and live independently.

Shortly after he started coaching, Robbie met his first goal: he got a new full-time job at Social Finance, Inc. that offered benefits and great pay. After 6 months on the job, he got a promotion and met his second goal! Robbie no longer relies on SSI benefits and he is able to grow his savings. He applied for a secured credit card and increased his credit score. His coach guided him in learning how to properly use his credit card to help build credit history and increase his score.

Today, Robbie is focused on reaching his third goal: independent living. While searching for affordable rentals, Robbie is saving up more money per paycheck for a security deposit and plans on moving on his own by December 2018. Robbie has also started a payment plan on his student loans. He follows a monthly budget, uses his credit card responsibly and saves on a monthly basis. Robbie is proud of his financial accomplishments and excited about his future.

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