ServiceSource and The Home Depot Foundation Renovation Project: Ron

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Ron Bladel, an honorably discharged Marine Corps sergeant, found Hurricane Irma relief in the wonderful volunteer efforts of Team Depot and ServiceSource volunteers. Ron uses a wheelchair. Irma destroyed his back- and side – yard, as well as vital ramps and handrails. The long list of rigorous tasks included dismantling and replacing destroyed fencing, installing wheelchair ramp handrails and deck railings, installing new downspouts, and reinforcing sagging gutters. ServiceSource contacted The Home Depot to partner up for this in-depth renovation. Bright and early last Thursday, Team Depot District Captain Joe Lomabrdi brought 100 Team Depot volunteers to begin work. At the end of the day, Ron was elated with outcome. “What Home Depot’s done today is amazing, especially right after Hurricane Irma!” Ron exclaimed. “I never expected this, and could not be more thankful for these wonderful volunteers,” he said, “they even fixed two of my neighbor’s fences, and they’re all thanking me like I did something spectacular. No, I tell them. Home Depot does this in service to veterans and their communities.”

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