ServiceSource Opens New Habilitation Program Location in Chantilly, Virginia

ServiceSource is pleased to announce the opening of the Chantilly Center. Located in the Western part of Fairfax County in Chantilly, VA, the Chantilly Center is the newest ServiceSource location to provide habilitation supports to individuals with disabilities. Nearly 30 adults with intellectual disabilities who previously received habilitation services at ServiceSource's Central Fairfax office in Springfield, VA transferred to the new site. Additional participants from ServiceSource's programs will transfer to the new site over the coming weeks and months. Program participants and their family members selected the Chantilly Center as their "center of choice" due to convenience of location and programs and services offered at the new site.

"The participants arrived with huge smiles this morning, and were greeted by staff who moved to Chantilly with them," said Jacque Scholl, Division Manager who is managing the new center. "We are thrilled to open the Chantilly Center and appreciate the support we have received to make the center a reality - equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and facilities to best meet the needs of our participants." More than 10 additional staff transferred to the new site, including a nurse and program manager.

ServiceSource is pleased to highlight the Chantilly Center as an example of a successful public-private partnership in Fairfax County. More than $2 million was invested by ServiceSource to open the new center. Support from the county to provide funding for participants allows the Chantilly Center to offer a range of innovative, person-centered programs that are goaled to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to be integral, active members of the community. A Meals on Wheels delivery program will be operated out of the Chantilly Center, allowing program participants to bring meals to home-bound seniors in the western portion of the county -- a program ServiceSource currently offers in Annandale and Fairfax. Keep It Green, ServiceSource's electronics recycling program, will also be expanded through the Chantilly Center.

"We are very excited to open our new day habilitation center for adults with intellectual disabilities in Chantilly. Given the size of Fairfax County, it is important that we provide services to our citizens with disabilities in locations that allow us to be integral members of the communities where our people live," said Paul Wexler, regional executive director of ServiceSource. "We are very appreciative of all the support we have received from elected officials, donors, residential partners and especially our program participants and their families."

ServiceSource's Habilitation Programs serve more than 200 individuals who have significant physical, medical and intellectual disabilities, with a focus on community integration and person-centered activities. Programs include music, art and dance therapy; therapeutic horseback riding and medical case management. Through these programs, ServiceSource is committed to supporting individuals with disabilities, their family members and other care providers to build stronger communities in which people with disabilities are integrated and valued.

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