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Virginia Senior Services

Senior Services provides supportive services that focus on social inclusion to enable seniors with minor cognitive and physical disabilities to actively participate in the day-to-day activities at Fairfax County Senior Centers.

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Virginia Employment Supports for Parents

Our Employment Support for Parents program serves parents who are unemployed and looking to return to the workforce, make a career change, earn a higher wage or a combination of these goals.

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Virginia Autism Services

ServiceSource Virginia offers two specialized programs to assist individuals on the Autism spectrum in obtaining employment and increasing self-sufficiency.

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Expressive Therapies

Each year hundreds of individuals in our Community Integration Services program participate in expressive and recreational therapies including art, dance, music and yoga therapy and therapeutic horseback riding. These therapies help build and maintain critical expressive, motor and memory skills.

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Bloom: Self-Employment Program

Bloom is a self-employment and social venture supported by ServiceSource that empowers people with disabilities to use their creative talents, enjoy artistic experiences and earn an income on the product they sell.

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ArlingtonWeaves Etc.

ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. participants learn to weave and produce handcrafted woven art. One hundred percent of the proceeds for each item are given to the artisan who created it.

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Virginia Long-Term Community Integration Services

ServiceSource currently offers ten Long-Term Community Integration Services programs in the Northern Virginia area. Each program participant has a uniquely designed plan that incorporates the individual’s skills and interests.

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