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Virginia Wellness Center for Older Adults

The WCOA is a collaboration of non-profit and community organizations that provide programming and access to resources for older adults and adults with disabilities in the Fairfax County community.

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Family Support

Family Support Services is open to people with disabilities, veterans, seniors and their families to share information, education and resources.

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Virginia Community Companion Services

Community Companion Services help maximize individuals’ ability to safely participate in activities of their choosing. Support can be provided to help individuals learn daily and independent living skills in a variety of settings.

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This unique ServiceSource program provides freedom and flexibility by bridging the gap in transportation services and reducing financial barriers.

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Virginia Group Supported Employment

Group supported employment is a very popular employment model, offering a variety of employment options to people with disabilities with support from a dedicated Supervisor.

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Community Employment Program

Many of our employment opportunities are affirmative employment contracts to support our mission to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Virginia Job Placement

ServiceSource has a talented team of Employment Development Specialists who work closely with program participants to explore careers as well as obtain and maintain valued employment in the community.

Virginia Benefits Counseling

Our Benefit Counselors in Virginia work 1:1 with Social Security recipients to review benefits, discuss financial goals and develop personalized plans to achieving financial health.

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Virginia Assistive Technology

ServiceSource offers basic assistive technology screenings to help identify assistive devices and technologies that can increase an individual’s independence, participation, and performance in everyday tasks and activities.

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Virginia Pre-ETS

The Virginia Pre-ETS program is designed to provide in-school youth with disabilities industry-based career exploration by building soft skills, discussing education and training options, conducting informational interviews and facilitating work-based learning opportunities.

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