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About the Program

This unique ServiceSource program provides freedom and flexibility by bridging the gap in transportation services and reducing financial barriers. Through the program, ServiceSource offers a 50 percent discount on rides using vendor(s) specified by ServiceSource. Discount available is up to $350 per month. 

Eligible Activities

Rides to/form participant’s job, education activities, social activities, errands, medical appointments, etc.

Program Eligibility

Participants eligible for the program must be 18 years of age or older and involved with one of the following ServiceSource programs:

  • Supported Employment
  • Community Employment 
  • Community Integration Services
  • Community Support Services
  • Companion Services
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services
  • Senior Services

Discount is only available to the eligible participant and may not be used to help friends, family, and/or colleagues get to/from destinations. 

Additional Information

  • Discount may be used for rides up to a 45-mile radius from the participant’s home. If the participant is employed at a ServiceSource job site that is further than 45 miles, this limitation does not apply to getting to/from the job site only.
  • Eligibility through certain programs may be on a case-by-case basis and/or limitations may apply to the duration of eligibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I receive the discount?

You are invited to join ServiceSource’s Uber 4 Business (U4B) account. After accepting the invitation, you will order rides with the ServiceSource profile.

Is there a limit to the number of rides I can take?

Not exactly. The number of rides you’ll be able to take using the discount will depend on how much you spend per ride. You are eligible to receive up to $350 worth of discounts per month. Once you reach this limit, you will pay full price for rides until the last day of the month.

What happens once I reach the $350 limit?

You will pay full price for rides until the last day of the month. Your discount will restart on the first day of the next month.

What happens if I go over the $350 limit?

You will be given a warning and the overage amount will go towards your allotted $350 for the next month. If you receive three warnings, you may be terminated from the program for not complying with program rules.

What happens if I forget or can't use the ServiceSource profile?

You will not receive the discount and no reimbursements will be provided. Unfortunately, issues do occur with technology and ServiceSource does not have control over issues that arise.

What if I have a problem with the ServiceSource profile?

If there is a problem with the profile, contact Uber directly at Always check to make sure your Uber app is up to date and you have a working payment method. Uber may suspend your account if you owe fare. If you can’t resolve your problem with Uber, please notify ServiceSource at the information below. Please note, Uber will not communicate with ServiceSource directly about your Uber account.

Can I use another ride company such as Lyft or a taxi and still receive a discount?


Can I use more than one Uber account or email?


Can I use the discount to take my child (or any other person) to and from locations?

No. The discount is only to be used to transport the rider to and from locations related to their needs. Example 1: the rider may not use the discount to take their child to and from school. The rider can use the discount to take themselves to a course they are taking. Example 2: The rider may not use the discount to take their mom to a doctors appointment. The rider can use the discount to get themselves to and from their doctors appointment.

What age does the rider need to be?

18 years or older.

Can the rider be under the age of 18 if an adult is riding with them?

No. For program purposes, the rider must be 18 years or older.

Can I use Uber to get on and off of military bases?

Military bases set their own requirements for who can enter their base. There is no guarantee that a rider’s driver can pick them up from a location on base or take them to a location further than the base’s entrance.

Can I schedule an Uber driver to pick me up?

Uber has a schedule feature; however, the feature may not be reliable or guaranteed even if “confirmed.”

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