ArlingtonWeaves, Etc.

Handwoven Products Created By People With Disabilities

ArlingtonWeaves, Etc.

ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. exemplifies community inclusion.

All ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. products are handcrafted and woven by artisans with disabilities. One hundred percent of the proceeds for each item are given to the artisan who created it. By purchasing from ArlingtonWeaves, Etc., you are also helping to engage people with disabilities in meaningful employment and training to increase independence and self-sufficiency.

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Summary of Products

ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. products are handwoven and sewn locally by talented and mindful hands, with each item as unique as the next. At ArlingtonWeaves, Etc., we use the highest quality natural textile materials. Many of our items are made from Tencel, Cotton or Bamboo, all in vibrant colors, textures and designs.

 Our tote bags range from large to small and are priced between $22 – $60. We also carry small to large pouches priced between $10 – $15.

 For more detailed information on each item, visit our Esty Shop page.

Weaver Spotlights

Meet Janeth

Janeth is a self-employed artist at ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. and gains most of her artistic inspiration from her travels and her community. She enjoys coming to ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. where she creates unique weave structures that represent beauty, utility and comfort. She challenges herself every day to learn beyond the basics. “The best thing about weaving is being embraced as an artist when others admire my work!”

Program Information

ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. was started by a group of parents with children with disabilities in the mid-1970’s as part of the Adult Development Center in Arlington, Virginia. In 2003, the county chose ServiceSource to operate the program. ArlingtonWeaves, Etc. teaches independence and technical skills and

The art of weaving can be therapeutic to individuals with disabilities as they increase motor skills, strengthen memory and concentration and develop their confidence. The program also teaches independence, technical and social skills and self-sufficiency. The program also supports individuals to prepare for and engage in meaningful employment and training. Artisans produce handcrafted woven art and products, from tote bags to scarves to pencil cases and so much more.


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