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Virginia Benefits Counseling

Our Benefit Counselors in Virginia work 1:1 with Social Security recipients to review benefits, discuss financial goals and develop personalized plans to achieving financial health.

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Florida Benefits Counseling

This Florida program provides timely and accurate information to Social Security Administration (SSA) beneficiaries on SSA’s work incentives and other Federal efforts.

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Delaware Autism Services

This program is designed to increase the participation of individuals on the Autism spectrum in the labor market, with a focus on young adults transitioning out of high school.

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Virginia Assistive Technology

ServiceSource offers basic assistive technology screenings to help identify assistive devices and technologies that can increase an individual’s independence, participation, and performance in everyday tasks and activities.

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Florida Duval Park

Duval Park is a 88-unit, affordable and permanent Housing community conveniently located near medical care, shopping and schools in a quiet part of Pinellas County, Florida.

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Florida Homes for Independence

Homes for Independence was formed in 1995 with a primary focus to provide affordable, accessible and safe housing for people with low income or those with disabilities.

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Friendship House Fayetteville

Friendship House Fayetteville is an intentional living community that provides affordable, integrated housing for young adults with disabilities and college students or young professionals in the healthcare, allied health, and human service fields.

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Warrior Bridge

Warrior Bridge is a vital connection to resources and support for veterans with disabilities as they seek employment, self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

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Florida High School High Tech

The High School High Tech (HSHT) program is a community-based partnership that provides students with disabilities, ages 14-22, the opportunity to explore jobs and post-secondary education while still in High School.

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Delaware Pre-ETS

This program is sponsored by the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and includes individual (1:1) sessions. The program also helps share with students insights and lessons learned from professionals working in various employment fields.

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