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About the Program

Through a collaboration with the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Alliance Health, ServiceSource places adults with disabilities in full and part-time jobs throughout North Carolina. Our Job Placement program in North Carolina includes a variety of services:

Situational Assessments

Individuals are exposed to situational assessments to identify vocational interests, capabilities and challenges. The evaluation determines the individual’s level of vocational competence and the specific programming needs of the individual.

Work Adjustment Training

Work adjustment training utilizes individual and group work and work-related activities to help the individual understand the meaning, value and demands of work. Work adjustment training provides generalized training and real or simulated work in order to assist individuals in the development of general values, attitudes, and behaviors appropriate for a work environment.

Job Coaching

An Employment Specialist provides job coaching and can assist with job searches, application and resume development, interview skills and further job training.

Supported Employment

Provides periodic support services for individuals with developmental disabilities to prepare the individual to work as independently as possible. The program encompasses a variety of services, which vary according to the employment needs of the individual participant. They can include vocational evaluation, job development, intensive training, job placement and long-term support. Support services for the individual’s family and consultation with the employer and other involved agencies may also be provided.

Ticket-to-Work Program

ServiceSource is an approved Employment Network (EN) through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program and works to place individual ticket holders into jobs within their community.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program

IPS programs help people with mental illness locate jobs that match their strengths and interests. Once an individual finds a job, IPS programs provide continuous support to overcome obstacles and success in the workplace. IPS teams are a partnership between employment specialists, mental health providers, and the person with a mental illness.

ServiceSource North Carolina provides IPS supported employment services to clients in partnership with our Mental Health providers Carolina Outreach and Greater Image.

Core Principles of IPS:

  1. Every person with severe mental illness who wants to work is eligible for IPS supported employment
  2. Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment services
  3. Competitive employment is the goal
  4. Personalized benefits counseling is provided
  5. The job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working
  6. Employment specialists systematically develop relationships with employers based upon their client’s work preferences
  7. Job supports are continuous
  8. Client preferences are honored

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