Job Placement

Job Placement

Through job placement, direct employment, individual or group supported employment and facilitated employment, ServiceSource supports more than 2,300 people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining jobs in community-based settings.

Delaware Job Placement Services

ServiceSource’s Employment and Rehabilitation Programs are designed to help people prepare for, locate and retain jobs either in the community or as part of ServiceSource’s affirmative employment operations. Through counseling, coaching, instruction and networking, ServiceSource staff members assist participants to conduct their job search as independently as possible and find stable, successful employment in their communities. Placement services are provided in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties and are funded primarily through the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. For more information, please contact or

Retention Support

We want to do more than help people find jobs — we want to help them launch careers. That’s why we provide ongoing retention support services to assist individuals to be successful in their jobs. The retention counselor stays in close contact with both the individual and their employer, helping him or her deal with new situations such as changes in work procedures and working through interpersonal issues with co-workers or supervisors. We will provide additional training when needed, and when appropriate, will help an employer identify reasonable accommodations. For more information, contact:

Supported Employment

This program provides employment and job coaching for individuals who have cognitive disabilities that make it more difficult to transfer skills they have learned elsewhere to a new job. We find that people learn best at the job site where they will be employed, and we offer a host of supports to help make that transition successful, including:

  • Intensive job development
  • Transportation & mobility training
  • Job coaching
  • Employment advocacy
  • Follow-along services

Ticket-to-Work Program

ServiceSource is an approved Employment Network (EN) through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program and works to place individual ticket holders into jobs within their community.

Employment Solutions for People with Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Disorders

ServiceSource is committed to providing exceptional services for individuals on the Autistic spectrum, specializing in employment for adults with Aspergers Syndrome. Our specialized services have been designed with input from Delaware’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDDS).

For more information about this program, please contact Katrina Bradley at (302) 762-0300.

Job Placement Coaching Retention

Florida Job Placement and Evaluation Services

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

Our experienced evaluators utilize a variety of assessment tools and behavioral observations to determine work readiness and stamina. The resulting evaluation report identifies specific occupational goals and provides recommendations for achieving those goals. Vocational evaluators at ServiceSource are qualified individuals who have experience in the rehabilitation field. At ServiceSource, we strive to provide quality services to individuals with disabilities and their referral sources. We are committed to working with our consumers and customers to provide these services in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Types of Evaluations Provided:

  • Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation
  • Community Based Evaluation

Job Placement Services

Job seekers benefit from our innovative programs, directed by qualified and experienced staff, designed to address specific requirements. We work with participants on:

  • Career counseling
  • Pre-employment skills training – assistance with resume writing and interviewing
  • Job development, placement & maintenance
  • Job accommodation assistance

For more information, contact the office located in your county of residence:

Citrus and Levy:  352-527-3722
Hillsborough County – Tampa and Brandon: 813-480-6894
Leon County – Tallahassee: 850-274-0204
Marion County – Ocala: 352-527-3722
Pinellas, Hernando and Pasco:  813-480-6894

Ticket-to-Work Program

ServiceSource is an approved Employment Network (EN) through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program and works to place individual ticket holders into jobs within their community.

North Carolina Job Placement and Evaluation Services

Through a collaboration with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, ServiceSource has placed adults with disabilities in full and part-time jobs throughout North Carolina, enabling them to become independent and productive members of their communities.

Situational Assessments

Individuals are exposed to situational assessments to identify vocational interests, capabilities and challenges. The evaluation determines the individual’s level of vocational competence and the specific programming needs of the individual.

Work Adjustment Training

Work adjustment training utilizes individual and group work and work-related activities to help the individual understand the meaning, value and demands of work. Work adjustment training provides generalized training and real or simulated work in order to assist individuals in the development of general values, attitudes, and behaviors appropriate for a work environment.

Job Coaching

An employment specialist provides job coaching and can assist with job searches, application and resume development, interview skills and further job training.

Supported Employment

Provides periodic support services for individuals with developmental disabilities to prepare the individual to work as independently as possible. The program encompasses a variety of services, which vary according to the employment needs of the individual participant. They can include vocational evaluation, job development, intensive training, job placement and long-term support. Support services for the individual’s family and consultation with the employer and other involved agencies may also be provided.


Ticket-to-Work Program

ServiceSource is an approved Employment Network (EN) through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program and works to place individual ticket holders into jobs within their community.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program

IPS programs help people with mental illness locate jobs that match their strengths and interests. Once an individual finds a job, IPS programs provide continuous support to overcome obstacles and success in the workplace. IPS teams are a partnership between employment specialists, mental health providers, and the person with a mental illness.

ServiceSource North Carolina provides IPS supported employment services to clients in partnership with our Mental Health providers Carolina Outreach and Greater Image.

Core Principles of IPS:

1.Every person with severe mental illness who wants to work is eligible for IPS supported employment.
2. Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment services.
3. Competitive employment is the goal.
4. Personalized benefits counseling is provided.
5. The job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working.
6. Employment specialists systematically develop relationships with employers based upon their client’s work preferences.
7. Job supports are continuous.
8. Client preferences are honored.

The ServiceSource Individual and Placement Support (IPS) Program is delighted to present Rovenia Pittman as the spotlight recipient.  Pittman is a hard working mother of four and has four grandchildren.  Ms. Pittman has given 100% towards her goals since being enrolled in the IPS program.

Pittman struggled through personal hardships in her life resulting in incarceration, losing her home, and ultimately her employment. Once released from incarceration Pittman struggled with homelessness for several months without supports. Pittman was eventually connected with Vocational Rehabilitation Services. As a result of being connected to Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Pittman was selected to be a part of the ServiceSource IPS program to receive supported employment services and was linked with a knowledgeable job coach and peer mentor. Both the job coach and mentor assisted Pittman in her search for competitive employment and quality housing.

As a result of her hard work and perseverance, Pittman currently has two jobs at Sanderson Farms as a de-boner and McDonald’s as a biscuit maker. Pittman has held these two positions for over six months, has regained her financial independence, moved into a new apartment, and bought a car. The IPS program and ServiceSource is extremely proud of Pittman’s resilience and success.

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Virginia Job Placement Services

ServiceSource has a talented team of Employment Development Specialists who work closely with program participants in their efforts to explore careers as well as obtain and maintain valued employment in the community. ServiceSource has the resources to ensure that the placements are successful for both the individual and the employer.  Through our job placement services, individuals receive:

  • Situational Assessments: On-site, hands on work experience in a career field in which the individual has expressed interest.
  • Job Development: Assistance with finding job leads, developing resumes and applications and interviewing.  Staff may also provide advocacy and employer education if necessary.
  • Job Coaching:   Extra support with training and settling in to a new job environment. Job coaches can provide on the job training for the employee and education for the employer.
  • Follow-Along Services: Periodic visits may help some people maintain employment and deal with any issues that arise.
  • Travel Training: Navigating the public transportation system in the DC metro area can be difficult. Our staff help individuals identify and learn the most convenient route to and from work, as well as how to deal with travel disruptions.

Ticket-to-Work Program

ServiceSource is an approved Employment Network (EN) through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work Program and works to place individual ticket holders into jobs within their community.

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