Autism Acceptance in the Workplace

Cultivating Acceptance and Support

Every April, ServiceSource celebrates World Autism Awareness Day to recognize and celebrate people on the Autism spectrum. This day kicks-off an entire month of recognition for the community.

ServiceSource’s internal diversity, equity and inclusion program, DRIVE, stands behind the decision made by the Autism Society of America (ASA) and other disability organizations to announce the renaming of “Autism Awareness Month” to “Autism Acceptance Month”. The goal is to cultivate acceptance and increase support and opportunities in employment, affordable and accessible housing, comprehensive long-term services, education, and affordable healthcare.

We are also excited to share the proclamation given to us on April 23 by Fairfax County Board Supervisor, Pat Herrity to celebrate the meaning of this month.

“[Fairfax County] urges all residents, businesses, nonprofits and employers to recognize the contributions that those on the Autism spectrum add to our community,” the proclamation reads.

three people smiling at camera holding plaque

People on the Autism spectrum are valuable employees and help create a diverse, efficient, and inclusive workplace; however, roughly over 85 percent of people on the Autism spectrum are unemployed due to difficulties with social skills, along with general prejudices about Autism at-large. Studies have found that employees on the Autism spectrum bring several highly sought-after skills to the workforce, including:

  • Concentration, focus, and precise execution of tasks
  • Dependability and punctuality
  • Organization and memory
  • Technical abilities such as coding, design, engineering
  • Passion for their coworkers and work

ServiceSource Autism Services

ServiceSource is proud to be serving people on the Autism spectrum. Within our Autism Services program, offered in both our Virginia and Delaware regional offices, ServiceSource supports participants find and maintain gainful employment, housing, education and other opportunities. We also work alongside many people on the Autism spectrum internally.

We are committed to ensuring those on the Autism spectrum have equitable access to achieving their personal goals and equitable access within their communities.

*Please note all COVID-19 protocols were followed per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance while taking photo.

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