Nancy B. Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment

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Meet Nancy

This new endowment, is being established in honor of Nancy B. Hall, who was the mother of Mark Hall and grandmother of James Hall. James attends ServiceSource’s Long-Term Community Integration Services Program. Nancy was an unwavering advocate for her grandson and always encouraged her children and grandchildren to follow their dreams. Nancy cared deeply for those around her and shared her love for others in the way she lived her life daily, through simple gestures of kindness, that often went without fanfare or acknowledgement, but that had great impact for many.

Her husband Kenneth and their three children, Karen, Susan and Mark, thrived in life in many ways because of the positive influence of Nancy. Mark and his wife Kathryn, are pleased to create the Nancy B. Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment, as part of the ServiceSource Community Assistance Endowment, to support individuals with disabilities at ServiceSource in perpetuity. The Nancy B. Hall Annual Memorial Scholarship is designated for those who attend the Long-Term Community Integration Services Program so that they too can enjoy the programs that her grandson enjoys, including, but not limited to, music, art, dance and yoga therapy programs, respite care support and other community services.

The Nancy B. Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment is created with Mark and Kathryn’s commitment to donate at least $50,000, which when matched, will equal at least $100,000. The memorial scholarship is part of a larger, $5 million Community Assistance Endowment (CAE), established by the ServiceSource Foundation with a donor match commitment of a $2.5 million from the ServiceSource Operating Board.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Nancy B. Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment, visit Please note Brinkema in the memo line or designation comment box.

This scholarship is made possible by the Community Assistance Endowment through the ServiceSource Foundation. To learn more, visit