Washkewicz Family Foundation Trustee Awards ServiceSource Florida $30,000

group of people holding large check

Washkewicz Family Foundation Check Presentation

At the annual Abilities Foundation meeting, Tiffany Washkewicz presented the board of trustees with a $30,000 check in support of ServiceSource Warrior Bridge―a comprehensive suite of job-placement, home renovation, community reintegration, emergency assistance, and homeless services that’s helped hundreds of veterans with lifelong disabilities transition successfully from military to civilian life.

“My family foundation is interested in local causes that directly impact veterans,” said Washkewicz. “We’re very impressed with your work and would like our money to be used to modify veterans’ homes and meet emergency housing, health, and work-related needs.”

Joining the board in accepting the check were U.S. Army Infantryman and Washkewicz Fund beneficiary José Sanchez, ServiceSource President and CEO Janet Samuelson, and DineBrands Global CEO Steve Joyce. (Pictured from left: José Sanchez, Les Rubin, Richard Winning, Janet Samuelson, Tiffany Washkewicz, Joe Sorota, Frank Burke, and Steve Joyce.)

Washkewicz was also honored by retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Andrew Lourake and retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Reid Carlock for sponsoring the Combat Wounded Veteran SCUBA Challenge (CWVC) in Key West, an annual dive to certify wounded and injured veterans, conduct underwater research, and restore coral reefs.

CWVC focuses its efforts on education, rehabilitation, research and innovations in field-based assessments/treatment of orthotics and prosthetics, post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. (Shown from left are: Reid Carlock, Andrew Lourake, and Tiffany Washkewicz.)

In presenting the check, Washkewicz commented, “The Washkewicz Family Foundation has a wide range of causes that are dear to us including giving back to veterans, women and children in need; helping the homeless, fighting for marginalized people, as well as supporting various medical causes including patient advocacy in the medical community at large.” Grants have helped local charities in Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Washington D.C.―where each family member resides.

ServiceSource is thrilled and grateful for the generous support received from The Washkewicz Family Foundation and looks forward to sharing personal stories of the positive impact of this support across the organization.