ServiceSource Races for Inclusion

About Team ServiceSource

On Sunday, September 29, ServiceSource “Raced for Inclusion” in the Prince William County Half Marathon and 5k, among hundreds of other racers. We committed to this race as a Silver Sponsor and successfully created one of the largest corporate groups in the race. Team ServiceSource consisted of more than 70 individuals with disabilities, staff, community members and volunteers – all empowered by our mission.

Beyond the size of our team, Team ServiceSource recruited three enabled athletes – Ayush, Kim and Ron – to participate in this event and advocate for inclusion. “It’s important for enabled athletes to be a part of a team, gain new experiences, and be proud of what they accomplish” said Kim.

Throughout the 13.2-mile route, each enabled athlete and their team demonstrated the vision ServiceSource has to welcome, value and support diversity. Ayush, Kim, and Ron would not have been able to participate in a community event like this, if it were not for our generously donated adaptive racing chairs or the people running alongside them who embrace and believe in the value of an inclusive community. A special thanks to ServiceSource’s long-time Corporate Partners, Playa Hotels & Resorts and STG International for their sponsorship of our Hoyt racing chairs.

“The more opportunities made available to enabled athletes create environments that set the stage for strong social connections and respect for all involved. I love the fact that we had multiple enabled athletes in our race this year. When we all share in the process together; everyone is better for it” said Rob Dublin, Co-founder of Fun Run Racing who created the Prince William Half Marathon and 5k. We are proud of our participation in this race and understand, appreciate and embrace that this was an incredibly meaningful experience for all of our enabled athletes, our participants, our organization and our community.

Thank You

Thank you to Target, who volunteered with us at the Water Station powered by ServiceSource. Your excitement and continued dedication to our mission is invaluable. To members of Team ServiceSource: Your energy and enthusiasm was seen and felt by everyone on September 29. Your steps led to building inclusive communities for people of all abilities and we thank you!

Race for Inclusion Fundraiser

There is also still time to donate to our Race for Inclusion fundraiser! Every dollar raised will directly support people with disabilities, the programs and services that help them thrive and will allow us to continue to participate in community events like this. Visit to donate.

News Feature

To read more about Ron’s perspective of the race, see our published article in the Bristow Beat!