Aaron “Hush” Friedman Memorial Scholarship

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Meet Aaron

Aaron Todd Friedman had more names than his family can remember. Some of the favorites were Zoomer, Stanley, and Hush. Aaron attended the Kilmer Center in Fairfax County from 1976 until his graduation in 1993. Aaron then transitioned to Central Fairfax Services (CFS), which affiliated with ServiceSource in 2010. Despite a laundry list of disabilities and barriers, Aaron’s life was full and warm and sweet from his birth on April 7, 1971, until his passing at the age of 35 on January 6, 2006. The support, care, and expert assistance that he received from CFS was a critical part of Aaron’s life and happiness. For those reasons, his family has established this memorial scholarship to remember Aaron’s life and impact and to bring similar enrichment to others.

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Aaron loved all kinds of music and feeling the vibrations of riding with his dad in his dad’s Porsche. He loved the feeling of swimming in a warm pool and laughing with his brothers Adam and Seth, who, along with Aaron, were the triplets. Aaron had many friends, helpers, and teachers at Kilmer Center and CFS who he was especially close to. Aaron was especially close to his mom and enjoyed many daily hugs from her. A perfect day for Aaron would have included some upbeat Louis Armstrong music at dinnertime with a menu of chicken with mayo, sides of spinach and mac and cheese, followed by an ice cream sandwich for dessert!

Aaron made the most of all that life offered. Born without sight, Aaron was the attentive listener; without mobility, he brought the world to himself; without awareness of what he was missing, he made the most out of every encounter and interaction. Everyone that knew Aaron was taken by his ever-present smile which was like sunshine on a warm Spring Day. Sounds and words tickled Aaron and his family loved repeating those favorite words throughout the day and delighting in Aaron’s uproarious laughter.

In appreciation for all that CFS and now ServiceSource, provided to Aaron, his parents Alan and Royce have established the Aaron “Hush” Friedman Memorial Scholarship as part of ServiceSource’s Community Assistance Endowment. This Scholarship provides grants for specialized equipment and enrichment to current and future participants of ServiceSource’s Long Term Community Integration Services Programs in Northern Virginia. This endowment is intended as a perpetual legacy of the “Hush” family with the hope it can help other individuals and families for years to come.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Aaron “Hush” Friedman Memorial Scholarship, visit www.servicesource.org/donate. Please note Friedman in the memo line or designation comment box.

This scholarship is made possible by the Community Assistance Endowment through the ServiceSource Foundation. To learn more, visit www.servicesource.org/community-assistance-endowment/