South Springfield Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

group cutting ribbon

South Springfield Community Integration Center

ServiceSource, a leading disability nonprofit headquartered in Fairfax County is pleased to announce the opening of their eighth Community Integration Center in South Springfield, Virginia. Opening this program is a significant milestone in supporting the organization’s goal to provide individualized care and better connect people with disabilities to the surrounding community.

In celebration of the newly renovated site, ServiceSource held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on March 20, 2019. Approximately 75 attendees joined the ceremony. Several State and Local government officials came to show their support, including Delegate Vivian Watts (VA-39) and Supervisor Dan Storck from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, who both represent the district in which this program opened. Other government officials included Senator Scott Surovell (VA-44), Delegate Kathy Tran (VA-42), and members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, including Chairman Sharon Bulova, Supervisor Jeff McKay and Supervisor Pat Herrity. Numerous community partners also joined the ceremony including Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services, Pizzano Contractors, CRi, several of the local CSBs, DBHDS, Hartwood Foundation, Cushman & Wakefield and the Virginia Department of Veteran Services.

About the Program

Located at 7300 Boston Boulevard, the South Springfield program will provide clinical and expressive therapies and engaging community opportunities to approximately 100 individuals with significant developmental disabilities. While discussing ServiceSource’s role as a leader in improving integration for people with disabilities, Supervisor Storck, Mount Vernon District said “ServiceSource has proven to be a part of that in Fairfax County.” He continued, “this world is about opportunities for everybody to reach their full potential.”

The development of a more intimate program helps facilitate the mission of creating integration in the community with specialized one-on-one support. The ServiceSource team is continuing to explore volunteer and recreational activities in the surrounding areas for participants to get involved in, both as volunteers and through paid opportunities. “What we’re doing here today, opening this program, is another step forward in fully understanding what an inclusive Fairfax County can look like” said Supervisor Jeff McKay, Lee District. In addition to disability supports, the program will rent out office space to community partners whose missions align with the vision of inclusive communities.

ServiceSource is thankful to the people who came out to support the diversity of our participants and celebrate this milestone. A special thanks to Costco, who graciously donated to the ceremony.