ServiceSource Virginia’s Medical Bag Operation

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Two people reaching for items on tableMeet Maria

Maria Gales (pictured above, third from left) is the Assistant Program Manager for ServiceSource Virginia’s Medical Bag Operation in Lorton, VA. Through this program, ServiceSource procures hundreds of products to fulfill 13 different Medical Kits for the U.S. Military and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support.
Maria was previously employed with ServiceSource as an Enclave Program Manager. She was promoted to this position because of the unique and useful set of experience and skills she brings. She is also the first person to be hired into this new position. “The promotion into this program has been a very exciting and rewarding experience,” shared Maria. “The work we do has a bigger purpose and I’m lucky enough to learn something new everyday.”
In her role, Maria is responsible for supporting participant employees in the operation. She also completes order fulfillment, conducts quality control checks and manages both inventory and shipping.
Maria and her team have been busy completing orders received by the U.S. Marine Corps. Since the start of the New Year, the team has shipped more than 100 Medical Bag Kits across the country. “We’re looking forward to gearing up for the new fiscal year,” shared Maria. “The supply chain issues we have had have been challenging, but we are ready to use those experiences to aid in the planning for more effective and innovative processes for years to come,” she continues.

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