ServiceSource Delaware’s 25th Annual Awards Luncheon

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About the Program

ServiceSource Delaware held its 25th annual awards celebration at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on October 18. Over 320 people attended the luncheon event which featured a reflective look back at the 60-year history of ServiceSource Delaware. Emcee Pete Booker opened with, “ServiceSource Delaware has been fortunate to develop with area organizations. In a broad sense today is a day to celebrate what people with disabilities everywhere can accomplish when given the opportunity to demonstrate their boundless talents.”


The financial backing of our event sponsors underwrites a significant portion of event expenses. And by so doing, enables ServiceSource Delaware to enrich and expand its community integration and vocational development programs.

In his State of the Agency remarks, ServiceSource Delaware Senior Vice President/Regional Executive Director Dennis Dapolito thanked the many attending businesses and organizations for their support as community partners who recognize the contributions of workers with disabilities and the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents. He invited them to continue this support and to encourage their colleagues, friends and fellow business people to do the same. “Our dedicated and committed staff are ready, willing and able to work with anyone who has employment needs and is interested in working with dedicated and highly motivated individuals.  Whether it’s through employment, internships, or volunteerism, it all makes a difference.”

2017 Community Partner of the Year Award

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The Delaware Technical Community College Stanton Campus was presented the 2017 Community Partner of the Year Award. Through the coordination of Regina Vickery, Conference Center Food Service Manager at both the Stanton and Wilmington campuses, over the past year 14 participants in ServiceSource Delaware programs have benefited from assessment opportunities available in the Stanton Campus Café. This arrangement affords the opportunity to evaluate interest in the food service career field as well as insight into the skills needed to be successful.

2017 Employer of the Year Award

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Donny and Molly Merrill, Owners of Skipjack Dining, were presented the 2017 Employer of the Year Award. Two former FrameWORK for Success students, now employed full-time for the past two years at the award-winning, upscale restaurant located in the Shoppes of Louviers just off Paper Mill Road in Newark, have thrived and developed culinary talents at skill and versatility levels well beyond originally imagined. The Merrill’s accept all requests for assessments and have opened their operations as a, “first experience proving ground,” where FrameWORK students can gain insight into their interests and abilities.

2017 Community Placement Employee of the Year

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The 2017 Community Placement Employee of the Year Award was presented to Brett Freeburg. Brett helps in the production and manufacturing of specialized military gloves worn for Masley Enterprises. As a member of the Barbed Wire Handler Glove Team, he prepares cow leather exteriors for assembly: stapling the leather to cotton flannel and duck liners and heat-stamp imprinting the Masley Glove label information onto the unassembled gloves. He also pitches in on other tasks when needed, including labeling bags and packing gloves.

2017 AbilityOne Employee of the Year

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The 2017 AbilityOne Employee of the Year Award was presented to Danielle Holding, a food service technician employed by ServiceSource at the Patterson Dining Facility on the Dover Air Force Base. As part of a team that keeps a military dining facility in tip-top shape, Danielle’s assignments are varied and the routine demanding. It includes keeping up the appearance of the salad bar area and serving lines, making sure the restrooms are properly stocked and well maintained, vacuuming, wet mopping, cleaning the dining room tables, and operating the commercial dish-washing equipment.