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This unique ServiceSource program provides freedom and flexibility by bridging the gap in transportation services and reducing financial barriers.

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Utah Competitive Integrated Employment

This Competitive Integrated Employment program utilizes a large network of businesses and organizations throughout Utah to provide the best job match with a job seeker’s interests and abilities.

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Community Employment Program

Many of our employment opportunities are affirmative employment contracts to support our mission to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Utah Career Exploration Services

This Utah-based Pre-ETS program is an after school and summer program that offers students the opportunity to learn more about career options while transitioning from school to employment by providing job exploration counseling and work-based learning experiences.

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Expressive Therapies

Each year hundreds of individuals in our Community Integration Services program participate in expressive and recreational therapies including art, dance, music and yoga therapy and therapeutic horseback riding. These therapies help build and maintain critical expressive, motor and memory skills.

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Bloom: Self-Employment Program

Bloom is a self-employment and social venture supported by ServiceSource that empowers people with disabilities to use their creative talents, enjoy artistic experiences and earn an income on the product they sell.

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