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Help us protect community-based services for persons with disabilities


UPDATE: Virginia’s Department of Medicaid Assistance recently informed us that the Governor is planning to submit an Appendix K to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid which includes retainer payments for community-based providers. Thank you to all the employees, participants, and families who contacted their legislators advocating for this necessary action. ServiceSource will continue monitoring the situation to ensure that retainer payments are approved, but we are heartened by the progress that has been made thus far.

ServiceSource has an urgent request to protect community-based services for persons with disabilities in Virginia. We need you to contact your Virginia state representatives, encouraging them to urge the Governor to approve retainer payments for community-based service providers.

Read the attached letter about how you can help.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit community-based service providers especially hard as most programs have had to close for the foreseeable future. Community-based providers continue to remain responsible for significant fixed costs despite bringing in no revenue for closed services. All providers – including ServiceSource – face financial difficulty as a result. Smaller providers could be forced to close, and community-based services for vulnerable individuals with disabilities will be more limited than ever when the lockdown is lifted. All providers will incur significant additional costs when services return associated with providing services in a long-term care setting prior to an approved vaccine.

The Commonwealth of Virginia could help providers by requesting retainer payments for community-based service providers in an Appendix K application to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS), as some 27 states have already done.

Please contact your state representatives and discuss with them the urgency of this issue. Please read the attached letter for more information on how to reach your representatives

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