Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

ServiceSource offers basic assistive technology screenings which help identify assistive technologies that can increase individual’s independence, participation, and performance in everyday tasks and activities. Technology screenings are available for communication, computer access, memory and organization, hearing needs, vision needs, and physical needs. In addition to screenings, training is also available for those new to their assistive technology device(s) or those who may need extra help learning how to use their device(s). Screenings are provided at no charge at the ServiceSource Resource Center in Oakton, Virginia.

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  • Assistive Technology Assessments: To identify any technology that may increase independence, participation, and performance with everyday tasks and activities
  • Training and Customization: Personalized training on how to use and configure assistive devices. Customization is available to configure devices to meet an individual’s specific needs
  • Consultations/Presentations: Consultation at our lab to learn what is available to meet your needs and/or try out devices without a formal assessment or report. We also provide assistive technology presentations at the lab and in the community.
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Examples of Assistive Technology

Adaptive eating utensils/plate/bowl

Medication management

Shoe horn/Sock pull/Grabber

GoTalk Now



Words for Life

obiiDynavox Devices

PrentkeRomich/PRC Devices

Word dictation: Dragon Naturally Speaking

Screen reading: JAWS; ZoomText

Adaptive keyboards, adaptive mice, adaptive table

Single and multi-switches; Eye blink; head controlled

Amplification: ListenTalk; Comfort Audio

Captioned/Large Button Phones: Captel and Calrity

Alarm Clock: Bed Shaker Clock

Dyslexia/Reading: C-Pen Reader; Read & Write Gold

Tasks: MyGuide


Weighted vest and weighted blankets

Pressure vest & Tactile items


Ruby Handheld; Topaz; Smart Reader HD; Connect 12; KNFB Reader

Focus Braille Display; Braille Keyboard Overlay; iPad tactile overlay; Braille label maker

Liquid level indicator for drinking cups

Echo Show



Door Lock/Thermostat


Cost of Service

Assessment*: $275.00 for up to one hour of service; any session over one hour is billed an additional $50.00 for time spent within each additional 15 minute increment

Training/Customization*: $200.00 for up to one hour of service; any session over one hour is billed an additional $25.00 for time spent within each additional 15 minute increment

Consultation/Presentations: No cost

*Out of pocket costs; individuals can use their FIS or CL waiver to pay for services

Payment Options and Policy

  • Virginia DD Waiver (FIS & CL)
  • Private Pay: Payment is due at time of service
  • Cash, check, or major credit cards accepted
  • $100.00 Fee: No Show/Last Minute Cancellation
  • $25.00 Fee: Returned Check

ServiceSource is in the process of becoming a network provider for insurance carriers. Contact us directly to obtain the most up to date information about payment options for services.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule a screening, contact:
Phone: 571-328-5788
Fax: 703-461-3906
** Basic Assistive Technology Screening is provided in partnership with various community agencies, with equipment funding from the Fairfax Civitan Club and the Civitan Chesapeake District Foundation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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