Meet Sam

Meet-SamSam Selnick is a participant at ServiceSource’s Oakton Employment, Resource and Community Integration Center (ERCIC). Sam has been attending the “ERCIC” for the past three years and he enjoys spending time with friends, attending dance & music classes and creating sellable merchandise in the self-employment program. In March 2016, Sam joined the Pathways to Careers team as he was interested in working independently, particularly in the food-service industry. Through this unique customized-employment program, Sam was able to complete an internship with Sundog Productions LLC., a t-shirt design and production company. This internship allowed Sam to gain some valuable work experience.

Although he demonstrated an excellent work ethic and a positive attitude, the internship didn’t seem to be the right fit for his interests and skills. The Pathways to Careers team continued job development for Sam to find a more appropriate job match. He was recently offered an employment position with Flik Catering at Freddie Mac in McLean, VA. Sam is thrilled with this position, as it fits many of his goals for employment. Sam’s main responsibilities include: sorting and restocking silverware, clearing dishes after meal times and running items between the different dish rooms.

Sam continues to grow his independence with this position, taking on new tasks and getting acclimated to his daily routine. Sam enjoys interacting with many customers at Freddie Mac during his shift as well as completing his tasks alongside his friendly and supportive coworkers.


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