Meet Bryce

Meet Bryce. FrameWORK for Success student Bryce overcame his pre-interview jitters and landed his first job as a Food Service Worker last month. He is working for Aramark at the University of Delaware and has become an instant favorite among management staff. During his first week, Bryce transitioned well between task assignments. Bryce says that he enjoys the sometimes-hectic dining facility atmosphere. “I like working in different areas. It makes my job more exciting. I’m so happy to be here.” Rich Katz, FrameWORK for Success Program Manager, reports that Bryce has “quickly demonstrated his willingness to accommodate assignment changes and his versatility in becoming efficient in a new job.” Bryce’s success doesn’t surprise Katz in the least. “I remember when Bryce transitioned from High School into our program in September 2017. From the outset, he was eager to try any assessment. Every job coach wanted to work with him because he was so cooperative. I don’t believe the word ‘no’ is in his vocabulary.” With follow-along services provided by FrameWORK staff, Bryce’s prospects look promising. Staff report that Aramark management want to highlight Bryce’s bright personality on the serving line. Bryce’s coworkers are confident that Bryce will succeed in his new environment.

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