Meet Beth

Meet Beth. Beth has worked in the mailroom at the Department of Transportation for 16 years. “My job is awesome and fun!” she says. Beth is a Mail Clerk, and delivers newspapers and mail to people on the third, fourth, and fifth floors 5 days a week. She talks about the DoT workers she sees every day, and says the familiarity brings her comfort. When asked what her favorite thing about the mailroom is she quickly replies, “My friends!” who she also spends time with on the weekends, shopping and going to the movies. Her paycheck earned at the Department of Transportation allows her such leisure activities. Without the assistance of ServiceSource through the AbilityOne contracted job at the Department of Transportation, Beth isn’t sure what kind of job she would have. Her job in the mailroom is stable, and it gives her the meaningful sense of purpose we all strive for in our work.


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