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Electronics Recycling

Keep It Green Electronic Recycling is a proud R2/ RIOS electronic recycler that offers environmental sustainability solutions to residential, commercial, local and federal government clients. We assist our clients in meeting their environmental sustainability initiatives by reducing their E waste footprint. We do this while staying true to our corporate mission of providing employment opportunities to persons with disabilities. Our services provide a tax benefit to you while keeping hazardous materials out of the landfills.

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Keep it Green is the exclusive provider of electronic recycling services to the City of Alexandria, Alexandria City government, and Fairfax County.


Recycle Used Electronics

Through our relationships with certified downstream recyclers, we are able to process all electronics to meet R-2 Standards.  We ensure that each collected electronic material meets its end of life stage in an environmentally conscious manner.

If it has a circuit board inside or a wire, we can recycle it. Some of our accepted items are below:list_of_acceptable_items

All collected electronics to Keep it Green are tax-deductible due to our non-profit status.

Processing fees:

While most materials are accepted for free, we do charge for some services to help to defray the costs of handling and processing materials.  All processing fees are tax-deductible.


Packaging Services    Minimum of 2 workers    $120.00/Hr
Pick-up Fee    Under 20 miles    $100.00
CRT Monitor Processing    Includes projection TV Units    $25.00
Hard Drive Shredding    Includes documentation of destruction    $15.00
LCD Televisions    $10.00
LCD Computer Monitors    $5.00


Where to Recycle:

In Virginia:
Virginia Regional Office Warehouse
6295 Edsall Rd, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22312
Monday-Friday, 8am – 4pm
Call for details: 703-970-3631

Secure Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Shredder

As data security continues to be a major concern among both residential and commercial clients, our solution is to shred all secure drives that enter our recycling stream. Keep It Green Electronic Recycling engages in the practice of separating the circuit boards from the aluminum holding casings of hard drives. Once separated, the hard drive is rendered useless. After initial separation, the circuit boards are packaged together and goes through our downstream channels who will then recover the raw metals from the boards through a shredding/smelting process. The aluminum casings are shredded on site using the 5HD 3/4 Hard Drive Shredder. Whole hard drive units can also be shredded upon request of the client and documentation of destruction can also be presented.

The following fees apply for destroying hard drives:

  • $15/ hard drive
  • $20/ hard drive for onsite shredding

Call for pricing on bulk shredding:  703-970-3631

Laptop with Keep IT Green

Shop Keep IT Green

We offer slashed prices on refurbished laptops. By purchasing our products you are contributing to a greener future, while also enjoying huge savings. All merchandise comes with a one-year refurbisher’s warranty.


eBay Stores

Store Fronts:

Refurbished duo core laptops and desktops are sold at the following locations. Call in advance for information on inventory and prices.

The Gadget Guys

9400 Livingston Road, Suite 100A
Fort Washington, MD 20744

6295 Edsall Road Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22312
Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm
Call for details: 703- 953- 4228

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