Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

ServiceSource partners with community employers in the DC Metro Region, Delaware, Florida, and North Carolina to learn more about their business needs and match them with qualified candidates. We regularly meet with hiring managers to learn more about your job openings and expectations for the knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates. Then we review the qualifications and interests of our job seekers and provide resumes of individuals who meet or exceed your business needs. If needed, we can provide supports to both the job seeker and the employer throughout the interview, hiring, and onboarding process.

We also work with job seekers who are exploring their career interests and skills. We often partner with community employers for job seekers to “try out” different types of employment. For example, job seekers may try out bussing tables in a restaurant or answering phones at an office for a few hours, with a ServiceSource representative present as well, to learn more about their interests, abilities, and skills. Community employers also provide invaluable opportunities for informational interviews, shadowing, and tours of their businesses for job seekers exploring their interests.

Furthermore, we support both the employer and the job seeker with training on the job once hired. As needed, ServiceSource provides supports to individuals, particularly during their introductory period, with learning their job responsibilities and understanding the company culture and workplace policies and expectations. In addition, ServiceSource supports the supervisor and co-workers with any training and education needed to understand the best learning and training methods for a particular individual.

Due to funding from state and local agencies, these services are most often provided at no cost to the employer.


  • “It is like this secret society of better ways to communicate, small tweaks that make all the difference, and the job coach helped us become part of that society”
  • “It is a win-win because not only does the individual receive coaching, but I as the supervisor receive coaching as well, and we can use the ideas for other team members with or without disabilities.”
  • “Priceless…It is like we have found the city of light with ServiceSource’s help”





Employer Partnership Flyers

Delaware, Virginia, we will ask Dianne and Betsy for flyers from FL and NC respectively)

Current and Past Partnerships

ServiceSource has partnered with the following companies to hire our candidates:

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Current and Past Candidate Postions

ServiceSource candidates have attained the following types of positions:

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ServiceSource Delaware 2016 Community Placement Employee of the Year

ServiceSource Virginia Regional Office 2015 Placement Employee of the Year

Employer Partnership Contact Information

Employer, we want to hear from you! If you are interested in being contacted by a ServiceSource representative, please email with the following information:


Location: DC Metro Region/Northern Virginia



North Carolina

Name of Contact Person:

Title of Contact Person:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Please check one or more of the following regarding interest in potential partnership opportunities:

  • Sharing of job leads and information about important qualifications of candidates
  • Receiving disability awareness education and training
  • Receiving information about Work Opportunity Tax Credits for hiring individuals with disabilities
  • Hosting an intern
  • Being a mentor to a job seeker
  • Conducting an informational interview and tour of your company for a job seeker exploring career interests
  • Hosting a job tryout or shadowing opportunity at your company for a job seeker exploring career interests and abilities
  • Sharing your expertise by conducting mock interviews and reviewing resumes of job seekers
  • Leading a workshop
  • Learning more about ServiceSource partnerships in general
  • Other: __________

Thank you for your interest! A ServiceSource representative will be contacting you shortly regarding potential partnership opportunities.

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