Marine Air Station Cherry Point Mess Hall: Top 5 in the Country

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Marine Air Station Cherry Point Operation – Customer Satisfaction Scores as measured by the Marines that visit the mess hall has jumped to the top 5 in the country. This impressive leap was accomplished by a combined effort by the Sodexo General Manager Jolene Love Hubbard, ServiceSource Project Manager Eric Lippert, Rehab Support Coordinator LaTesha Bright, and the Supervisors, Trevor Dunnell, Daniel DeMurry, and Sarah Beckwith working with and supporting staff in adopting the 5 star customer service standards. In addition, the team established pre-meal debriefs and Employee recognition awards that have motivated the staff to this high level of Customer Service!
As part of the improvement in Customer Service Scores, Cherry Point is again nominated for the prestigious William Pendleton Thompson Hill Award inspection. The W.P.T. Hill Award was established in 1985 to improve food service operation and recognize the best messes in the Marine Corps. The award is presented annually during the Military Foodservice Awards. This inspection is offered to those Marine Mess Halls that have shown significant sustained high scores and improvements. Two years ago, we came in second amongst all Mess Halls, and this year, we are pushing for the win.

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