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SSG (RET) Harry V. Louque is a medically-retired Staff Sergeant who served combat tours in both Iraq and Kuwait.  While in Iraq, Harry lost one of his closest friends in an attack by insurgents and sustained multiple injuries, he had to be medically evacuated.  Harry was able to work with other veterans at ServiceSource, which created a more comfortable environment where he has been able to thrive. 

In the two years after his return, Harry’s physical wounds began to heal but the mental trauma he sustained haunted him. The trials of war and active duty took a large toll on Harry’s psyche, he had severe insomnia and, when he could sleep, he had terrible nightmares. Eventually, Harry’s life was so paralyzed with fear that he rarely left his house. Harry was diagnosed with severe service-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was medically retired from the Army.

Once retired, Harry began working with a career specialist who directed him to ServiceSource, more specifically our Warrior Bridge Program. Through Warrior Bridge, ServiceSource is committed to giving back to veterans with service-related disabilities by providing employment services and other supports that are needed for a successful transition back into civilian life.

ServiceSource hired Harry to work on a Federal Government contract, where he worked to close-out government contracts with other veterans with disabilities. At the beginning of his time with ServiceSource, Harry was still traumatized by his PTSD and had sporadic work attendance. Concerned, ServiceSource asked for a meeting with Harry and his career specialist. During the meeting Harry explained his debilitating fear and his inability to even leave his house some days. ServiceSource worked with him to put together a schedule and program that accommodated his needs and would ease Harry back into the work force.

He was promoted within ServiceSource and eventually received an outside job offer. Using the skills and confidence he gained with ServiceSource, Harry is now thriving at his new job.  He remains connected to the Warrior Bridge program and is serving as a mentor to other veterans struggling with the transition from military to civilian life. His goal is to help and inspire other veterans suffering from PTSD the way that ServiceSource was able to help him.


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